In case anyone missed it, yesterday Nick Bilton in the NY Times did a vicious takedown on Sam Biddle. For all of you people who seem to think Mr. Biddle is a great "journalist" maybe you should see what people out here think of him. Which is, in a word, not much.

As far as we know Sam has never been to the Bay Area, has never met any of the entrepreneurs he loves to skewer, and probably would not dare to show his face here — not because anyone would do anything to harm him (except maybe Paul Carr, who has a black belt in Twitter tai kwon do) but because if Sam saw how things really are, he would not be able to cling to his mocking and sneering.


If Sam came here he'd see that these people he mocks are not caricatures, not cardboard cut-outs, not cartoon characters — but actual, real, living human beings, with friends and families, with hopes and dreams about building the future, making the world a better place, and yes, being rewarded disproportionately for their hard work and ingenuity. We may not all succeed, but we believe that everyone has a right to try. We cheer each other on. We're optimists, not pessimists. We're lovers, not haters. We're dreamers.

But that reality would destroy Sam's ability to mock people. So he'd rather keep living in his angry cocoon. He'd rather paint Brit and Dave Morin as vapid dummies, when everyone who knows them (like me) knows that they are both amazing human beings. Brit worked at Google. You really think she's vapid? Come on. Dave worked at Facebook, and Path is easily worth +$1 billion. This is, what? Nothing? Dumb luck?


Laugh all you want. Call it crazy, or irrational. Me personally, I'd rather get a piece of it.

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